Up To 3,000 sqft Thorough Housecleaning


Up To 3,000 sqft Thorough Housecleaning

  • $349 for deep housecleaning

  • Includes cleaning the interior of oven and refrigerator

  • Offer valid for homes up to 3,000 square feet; service provider will take as much time as is required to complete all cleaning items; larger homes can be cleaned for an additional fee per square foot

  • Kitchen cleaning includes: cleaning all cabinets and appliances; moving your small appliances and other items and cleaning the counter area; cleaning the tops of all items and replacing them; scouring your sink and sweeping or thoroughly mopping your floor

  • Bathroom cleaning includes: cleaning showers, tubs, toilet, and sinks; cleaning and disinfecting all fixtures and treating any mildew; cleaning your mirrors and the shower door tracks; moving most vanity items and cleaning your counter areas; cleaning the tops of vanity items and replacing them; cleaning your bathroom cabinets and floors

  • General cleaning includes: changing the linens and making the beds; cleaning wall decorations, picture frames, light switches, doors, and door trim; dusting, cleaning, and/or polishing all furniture and all decorative items; sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all floors

  • Deep cleaning services include: cleaning the blinds, base boards, window sills, ceiling fans, and other high dusting

  • Cleaners will not go higher than a 2-step ladder

  • Additional charges will apply for homes that are excessively dirty or in poor condition

  • Some work scope restrictions apply; garages and specialty areas/items can be cleaned for an additional fee